Photo Album
In Les Saintes

See A Panorama Of The Les Saintes Anchorage

A Close Up Of The Town, Looking East from the West

Looking Down On The Ancorage From A Hill

The Royal Clipper, A Regular Visitor

The Beach Front Where We Beached The Dinghy

Diving In Les Saintes

Our Wonderful Dive Instructors

Surfer Girl Miranda

Relaxing with Rachel

An Old Fishing Boat On A Hill

Our Fellow Residents On the Island

Pan De Sucre Beach Where We Often Swam

Friends We Met, English Teachers In Guadeloupe

I'd Advise Against That...

But I Feel So Good Now!

Hiking With Friends Over Pompierre Beach

View Of The Fishing Vessels From Fort Napolean

Lunch Time Always Brings Joy!

Rowing Home, Into The Black Void

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