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Back In The Bay

July 26th,

Yesterday Miranda and I motored up the Coan River, past a red day marker crowned by a large nest of sticks. An Ospray and her chicks welcomed us home with a squawk. As the sun readied to set, we docked in a narrow, wooded creek. Miranda and I looked at each other and marveled at the fact that our trip had come to an end. In this tranquil setting we gave each other a hug and congratulated ourselves on an adventuresome and enjoyable voyage, successfully completed.

Nine months earlier, as we headed south from these waters, we gave little thought to our return. Our thoughts were focused south on blue water and white sand, palm trees and steel drums. Those dreamy images were replaced by a reality that was nearly as lovely. Our travels were full of beautiful places and interesting people. Of course, we encountered our fair share or storms, arguments, and dehydration, but the sun always came out shining in the end.

Baggywrinkle treated us well and is to be commended on her excellent effort. She was an ideal boat for this trip, carrying us safely and comfortably over many miles of ocean. It is still amazing to both of us how much of the Caribbean we were able to see in such a short time: we managed to visit at least 90% of the Eastern Caribbean Islands!

The sadness we feel in finishing the voyage is tempered by a sense of accomplishment over a job well done and a mission completed. In Beaufort, an extremely experienced sailor explained to us that the run from the East coast of the States to the Islands is one of the most difficult and uncomfortable crossings. "Once you've done that passage," he told us, "you can pretty much take on any passage in the world." It's nice to think so.

For the moment our thoughts turn not toward our next passage, but to life ashore. It is time to settle back into the land locked routine of work and cars, of socks and shoes. For a little while at least...